BloomCare Membership

Elevate Your Child's Healthcare Experience with BloomCare Membership

Welcome to Bloom Pediatrics and our innovative BloomCare Membership program. With BloomCare, you gain direct access to individualized and consistent healthcare services provided by our dedicated team, all from the comfort of your home or electronic platform. Say goodbye to the limitations and frustrations of traditional care and experience a new level of convenience and personalized attention for your child.

What is BloomCare Membership? BloomCare membership operates on the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, offering you increased access to your medical provider and a comprehensive range of medical services. By eliminating the costly insurance middleman, we can prioritize your child’s care and provide extended appointment times, same-day or next-day appointments, house calls, telemedicine visits, and direct communication channels with your healthcare provider.

BloomCare Membership Benefits

Who can benefit from BloomCare Membership? 

BloomCare Membership Fees:

Newborns -2 year


2-12 Years


13-21 Years


Maximum Monthly Membership Fee Per Family


One-time Administration/Registration Fee

$50 Per Child or
$150 Per Family

Discounts available for:

Responder and Military:

10% discount.

Full Annual Payment:

20% discount.

BloomCare Membership Includes

At Bloom Pediatrics, we are dedicated to your child’s well-being, and we follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Well-Child Visit Schedule:

  • Newborn Visit: Within 1-3 days after leaving the hospital.
  • 1-2 weeks of age
  • 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, and 30 months of age
  • Annual Visits: From 3 years old until college graduation or age 22.

Well visits are scheduled for a comprehensive 1-hour duration.

  • We are available seven days a week, including nights and weekends.
  • We offer prompt and personalized attention for acute sick visits or chronic health concerns.
  • We offer flexible options for care, including home visits, phone consultations, email correspondence, or video chats.

We offer convenient communication channels for quick questions, concerns, or discussions, and access to medical advice, behavioral support, and assessment of symptoms remotely.

For physical exams related to different activities often not covered by insurance, we have you covered:

  • Sports physicals, camp physicals, surgical/pre-operative clearance physicals, travel physicals and pre-travel planning.
  • We offer treatment and management of various mental health concerns.
  • This is done in-person in the comfort of your home or via telemedicine. We collaborate with external specialists as needed.
  • As part of our commitment to your family, we offer prenatal visits before your child’s arrival. 
  • We conduct in-home visits for newborns up to 1 month old.

We recognize that every family has unique interests and concerns. To address these, we provide personalized learning sessions on various topics related to parenting, child development, and health guidance.

  • We provide in-home laboratory testing including Rapid Group A Streptococcus, Rapid Influenza A and B, Rapid RSV, Rapid COVID-19, Blood Glucose, Rapid Mononucleosis, Occult Blood (Blood in Stool), and Urinalysis for our patients. 
  • Collection of specimens is included in the BloomCare membership; however, any outside lab fees will be the patient’s responsibility.

Please note that healthcare needs outside of our practice, such as specialist appointments, imaging, labs not included in our services, surgeries, and emergency room care, are not covered by the membership fee.

Please Note: Healthcare needs outside of our practice such as specialist appointments, imaging, labs, emergency room visits, or surgeries, are not covered by the membership fee.

Experience the BloomCare Difference
Elevate your child’s healthcare experience with BloomCare Membership. Say goodbye to co-pays, deductibles, and uncovered services while enjoying comprehensive, convenient, and personalized care for your child’s well-being. Join BloomCare today and discover a new standard in pediatric healthcare.